The third time’s the charm, as the saying goes. My author journey began in 2015, when my first story was professionally published in an anthology to give new authors exposure. No, it wasn’t a “pay to play” situation. I had to submit it and it was accepted for publication. I consider that time to be my first foray into being a published author.

Nine months later (after taking a hiatus for personal reasons), I attended my first writer’s conference and sat in on a lecture that talked about an author’s platform. This, I came to know, is an author’s footprint on the internet, primarily social media, including a web site as well. I had experimented with blogs, but never with a dedicated domain, so I bit the bullet and thus was born.

I didn’t really know what I was doing that first time. I posted some things, but never got serious about it, since I didn’t have anything to promote. I was not entirely satisfied with my web site host, so I decided to move companies, and thus, lost everything. There wasn’t much to lose, but still a disappointment nonetheless.

My second foray came in the form of a new host and my first exposure to WordPress. This was a more successful attempt, in that I was more serious and had some things that I published to promote. These were little self-published short stories that I used to teach myself the self-publishing process. I also experimented with popups to get subscribers, writing a blog and linking with other social media outlets.

Then my renewal fees kept going up.

So I dropped that host and went to another host. Stupidly, I forgot to save all my WordPress content before leaving and lost everything… again. So here we are with a blank slate and a new beginning. I look forward to reading your comments and getting to know all who want to drop me a line. Thanks for reading and God bless.