Purple Squirrel Investigations Series

Day of the Dragon book cover

Day of the Dragon

David Brighton travels to Ohio to rid a farmer of a pest that has been eating his livestock. The pest just happens to be an enormous dragon. Will David survive this latest mission?

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Terror in Tombstone

Seth Brighton, on vacation in Tombstone, Nevada, encounters what can only be described as a pterodactyl. After having his car for supper, the beast sets its sights on Seth next. With only his intellect and what’s available to him in the desert, Seth is in for the fight of his life!

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Serpent at Sunrise

Something in a small town’s bay is scaring away all the fish… Something big. Jonah Brighton is called to investigate a California coastal town where he must use his inventing expertise to find and rid the town of the creature. But he is given only 24 hours before the angry townspeople will take lethal matters in their own hands.

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 Ravenstein’s Revenge

“Violets are blue, roses are red. Give me the codes or your brothers are dead.” This note greets Nathan Brighton when he enters the smashed offices of Purple Squirrel Investigations, an agency he and his brothers run that specializes in protecting, finding and extracting cryptozoological beasts. Phineas Ravenstein, their bitter rival, has kidnapped Nathan’s brothers as hostages. His intent? Revenge.

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Immortal Guardian

Raised by Jesus, Lazarus had a second chance at life. However, he didn’t count on having immortal life or leading an ancient battle against one of humanity’s oldest and deadliest enemies.
Unfortunately, Lazarus has no memory of any of this. Now, with a team of those sworn to protect him, he must fight Golems, Grigori and the undead, figure out how to stop the release of a deadly virus, and find himself along the way.

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